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What is ActualForum?
The message board that with no limits. Integrate it in your site and start growing your community in few steps.

Based on powerfull ASP.NET technology and backed by Microsoft SQL Server forum provides great performance coupled with unlimited extention capabilities.
  • Unlimited number of forums, topis and members
  • Email notification in full HTML emails
  • Integration with Microsoft Full-Text search engine enables powerfull search in seconds
  • Embedded codes provide easy way to color messages and insert hyperlinks
  • Secure member registrations and ability to post messages for unregistred members
  • Simplified integration into your web design using page templates
  • Flat and tree(threaded) views

    You can see working versions at:
    *note: these sites are in russian

    If you require any information on this product, please contact us on
    info @ actualforum.com